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Originally Posted by StealthGaming View Post
The Issue with CLINK and Windows 8 has nothing to due with chipset nor mainboard. I've tested it thoroughly in the past 1 1/2 years on Z77, Z87, Z97, X79, X99 Mainboards by different Manufacturers and have had success with every platform after the Power Management Features were disabled. The problem lays within the configuration of the OS during installation for Windows 8.1.

Since Windows 8.1 is a multi platform software, there are many features enabled for portable pc and tablets that aren't used on desktops. Every experienced system builders knows by default Core Parking, Hibernation and power management features are all enabled. The issue with the CLINK installation is related to the coding being done incorrectly, hence not disabling the power management features.
If this is true, then why do we still not have a correctly functioning version of Corsair Link? Your comment is that the only issue causing Link to not work correctly are the registry entries. If this was true, any competent programmer could fix this in a day.

The truth, is that this isn't the only problem with Corsair Link, and lots of issues persist. Issues with not supporting multiples of some Corsair products, issues with foreign language settings in the OS, issues with not correctly reading temperature sensors attached to Link hardware, as well as issues with multiple GPU's, and not being able to set the LED color correctly on certain Link coolers. These were promised capabilities, yet they persist, even when the registry is manually edited.

I'm sure some people appreciate your information on the registry edits, but if you think that is all that is required in all cases, you are misinformed.

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