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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
It's good to hear you have things working. If you have 64-bit windows you should use SIV64X.

I am not sure what VRM1 and VRM2 are. What GPU do you have? Does Menu->Machine->GPU Info list them? In SIV 5.00 you can use the maximum of multiple temperatures to control a custom curve. I may well miss a post to this general thread and feel posting on would be a good idea.

Half the problem is SIV has about 360 things in the menu! I guess I could consider SIV64X -SIMPLE that hides most things as the CL reporting/control is only about 2% of what SIV does. My problem is that I never have an issue so don't know what changes would help new user's.

thanks again for your reply in the Link discussion thread!
First thing: I have already tried using 64X before but the program somehow could not access my commander mini device. Surprisingly the 64X seems to work for today... I might check some things here again and give you some well-founded feedback later[...].

As for the GPU (mine is a R9 290 from ASUS) I was wondering whether there was any chance to implement the sensors of the voltage regulator modules (VRM). Graphics cards from AMD appear to have frequent issues with these modules heating up a lot.
And at the moment I miss a feature to integrate these temps (that are usually much greater than the core-temp, as for my VRM1) into my fan cooling setup.
Usually I read out these with GPU-Z and watch them manually - but I cannot affect them with my fan curve on the commander mini at the moment.
Note: the SIV GPU info does not show VRM temps at present.

Another thing I realized is that the tool does not properly work with my autostart (I need the CL fan control running all the time now).
I have already configurated an entry with the autostart feature (with -NOWIZARD -TRAY -CRLCTL set) but the tool somehow does not run after boot.
So I manually added it to my W7 autostart folder but the issue is still present and the .exe refuses to start at this point if not run manually by the user. Maybe this is another problem with the 32X mode, I will check this once more later again.

Regarding the GUI I would appreciate a more user-friendly interface - not being necessarily shortened but visually better structured and accessible. Maybe its that quantity of values im overwhelmed with but I could imagine maybe a clear main menu and some rasterization for the other screens and pages showing too much information without any graphical separation/structure atm.

I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you. My English is not the yellow from the egg, as we germans would say :)

Nonetheless, keep up the good work, SIV is obviously the much better CL!

The autostart is still not working, even with the 64X version.
But at least the 64X itself does work now and can control the commander mini. I actually do not know what caused the problems I had with it earlier.

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