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Default connect/disconnect of my H100i v2

HI guys, so I built my first PC yesterday and after booting up, installing app, windows, etc, everything was perfectly fine and working as intended except for my cooler and the temp. I followed the instruction, the cooler is lighting up inside my case but the cooler fans aren't turning and my pc temp Hit 67C while I was installing some low data apps like spotify or skype....

Also, I keep hearing the windows device connect/disconnect notification sound each 10 seconds, so I looked up in my devices and I kept seeing the corsair USB appearing and disappearing, is this because of the corsair link usb cable ? ( the link app was showing me my CPU was at 120C LOL which is impossible...)

So I was wondering if I installed my cooler the wrong way ? I will step back what I did:

- installed the cooler on top of my ryzen 2600x with the AM4 socket since I have a x470 gaming plus ( I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the one that was pre applied)
- installed the radiator and the 2x fans as exhaust on top of my case
- now it's where im not 100% sure, I connected the cooler power cable to the CPU_FAN. After there is a "Y" cable that comes off the Corsair cooler, So I connected 2x cooler fans to the Y cable.

I even looked the manual and everything seem to be in order, but I looked at my fans when I was installing apps and the case fans were working fine ( 1 intake installed on the SYS_FAN2 and 1 exhaust installed in te SYS_FAN4) but the 2x cooler fans were not turning at all and I kept hearing the annoying device connect/disconnect sound...

Need your help on this!! thanks a lot :)

HERE is a video of what EXACTLY is happening

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