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Hi there,
I would connect the pump to the CPU Fan Header. From a control perspective, it won't make any difference; nothing is controlled from that fan header. However, if your pump does completely die, you'll get that CPU Fan warning, which is a good thing. That H115 is SATA powered too, so you won't need to worry about setting the power settings on the fan header to make sure it gets 12V. So ... absolutely no benefit to connecting it to the CoPro and some downside.
For the fans, I prefer to connect them to the cooler. This allows the cooler to control the fan speeds natively based on cooler temperature and yes, you'll be able to set your fan curves directly in Link. While you can do this with the CoPro, it does require Link to be running. If Link isn't running, your fans will kick up to 100% ... but those RGB ML fans really aren't loud, even at 100%. Also, I do like to have my fan curves controlled by the hardware so my CoPro setup has all of my fan curves set to the temperature probes.
I think that covers things ... if you have more questions, ask away.
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