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Originally Posted by fdopfel View Post
I bought myself a spool of 2.5 meters (150 LEDs) of 5050 LEDs. They work great, but occasionally flicker to full brightness for a moment, about once every 7 or so seconds, although exact timing seems somewhat random. I tried connecting another 2.5 meter spool and had the same problem. Do you think I may be drawing too much power through the corsair link? Is anyone else having issues? Great guide by the way, I love the way these LEDs light up my 900D :D

These are the LEDs I am using:
The blinking of the LED's is a known issue.

From the release notes: "RGB LED strips connected to a Commander Mini flash when a custom curve fan profile speed change takes place"

If you do not use custom fan curves the LED's work just fine, no blinking.

In regards to wtnyt's comment....

The commander mini can deliver 2A @ 12v to the LED channel, or 24 watts total power. (VxA=W)

a 60 LED/Meter LED strip (which is what you have) draws 14.4 W per meter, or .24W per LED.


So you should be able to connect 100 LED's and be maxing out the power on the commander. I don't suggest you do that but you should be able to run 80 or so without a problem.

I have been running 57 LED's in my case for almost a year with no issues at all, aside from the blinking, which is unrelated to power.
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