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Default Prepaid VISA cards are a scam

I've always been a fan of Corsair products They've always given me good products for decent prices. I have Corsair memory, PSU and SSD and I'm very satisfied with every one of them.

The new policy to issue prepaid VISA cards for mail-in rebates instead of cheques has made sure I'll never buy another Corsair product again though. This takes the mail-in rebate scam to a whole new level as if you one of the few lucky enough to actually get your mail-in rebate, they make damn sure you'll never use it.

Not only is the card issued in US currency for us international customers, but they won't tell us what exchange rate they use when processing the card.

Add to that the fact that they randomly add a 20% surcharge to your transaction for no reason whatsoever, and the fact they take money away from the card every time it gets declined (which happens a lot when you have to guess the exchange rate and whether or not they'll add 20% to the total being charged) and you end up with a card that's completely useless i.e. a scam.

My local Government's consumer protection agency will now deal with this scam but I figured I'd let Corsair know that they've lost a life long customer due to their efforts to defraud me. I'm sure they'll blame it all on the "third party company" that processes their mail-in rebates but hey, who hired that "third party" again?
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