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Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
I should note that when the lights do not come on, the NoPro is not visible in the iCue program, even though I see it on USBDeview as disabled. When the lights are on, it is visible.

It is directly connected to the motherboard. Its going into an 1112 USB port. I do not have any splitters between the NoPro and the MB. Can it be a bad port if one time it works and the next it doesn't? Is this the right port to plug this into?
Any internal USB 2.0 header should work.

Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
I'm not sure what I would get if I plugged the node to the back of the I/O though, at least right now. Since I never know when the lights will turn on at startup, I'm not sure if I will know whether or not the USB to the I/O is doing the same thing. I'd have to try having it connected to the I/O for a couple of days to see.
Yes, exactly. Just one time won't tell the tale as it's been inconsistent.

Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
I did swap where the SATA power cables of the fan splitter and the NoPro connected so that the fan splitter was closest to the power supply (they are connected to the same sata cable, as well as my HDD). That seemed to have worse results. The lights just were not turning on at all after a restart when I did that. I flipped them back so that the NoPro was closer to the PS and the lights turned on as they did before. Do you think I should have a dedicated SATA power cable just for the NoPro?
No and I don't think that it matters where it is on the line.

Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
If they don't turn on and I don't restart it before logging in, I can usually disconnect the USB and sata cable from the NoPro and reset it in some way. Either by pressing and holding the reset button on the NoPro or just unplug and replug the mini USB going into the NoPro and the sata cable connecting to the power supply cable. I really don't like doing this because I have to take the back panel of my case off every time.
Right. This, however, further highlights that it's an initialization issue.

Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
When I see it enabled on USBDeview, I can disable and enable it all I want. Can it be some RegEdit settings?
Possibly but doubtful. Did you also disable Windows Fast Startup (as well as Fast Boot in the BIOS)?

Originally Posted by Stavos914 View Post
I'll try connecting the mini USB to the I/O soon. I just don't know what to do at this point. I'm at my limit with this crap. I have never experienced hardware this dodgy before in my life. What can be stopping the NoPro from initializing SOMETIMES!?
I get that it's frustrating. I'd be pretty frustrated to. Right now, I'd suspect that it's some mysterious, obscure setting in the BIOS somewhere. It's not getting the initial "Get started" signal on boot.
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