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Originally Posted by WhiskeyOmega View Post
Whats weird is it seems to mostly pop up on pc's with the 4930k. Ive had the issue since last July and have been waiting for iCUE. I would like Corsair to wake up and remove what they seem to be doing with the graphics card sensors. There is some extremely unsafe things happening on the background since corsair avoid the NVAPI which is confusing the sensors and causing the graphics card to crash. Honestly all they need is a X79 system with a 4930k & Nvidia 10 series gfx card setup to reproduce the problem. EU Consumer Law has already been broken on all products that require link or iCUE due to them not being to satisfactory quality.
I'd like to make a few comments.

1.) Thank you for reporting this issue. I was not aware of it but we will see if it can be reproduced.

2.) We have plenty of systems here with all of the latest chipsets. We also have all of the hardware you mentioned and we are not experiencing anything similar.

3.) iCUE uses the same service (but improved) as LINK to detect the DIY devices so if LINK had the issue, it may persist in iCUE *if* its related to the service.

4.) iCUE like LINK before uses CPUID SDK to detect the sensors. Whatever that we are doing is no different than anyone else who uses CPUID.

5.) I don't understand the "EU Law" comment. While I understand your frustration, lets keep it objective please.

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