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Thanks Ray. Makes sense but in case #1 if I had 6 RGB LED fans they would fully populate 1 6-port LED hub. Then if I want to ADD >1 LED strip, I would need a 2nd LED hub as there would only be 1 LED port open on the CLCP and each LED strip requires it's own LED port.

Or can an LED strip be plugged into another LED strip which is then plugged into an LED hub or port on the CLCP? Looking at the CLNP, it comes with 4 LED strips but only has 2 LED ports. Spec says it has 2 LED channels each of which can drive a max of 4 strips, so 8 strips max per CLNP. So either you can daisy chain the strips up to 4 end to end or you would need 2 LED hubs to plug the 8 strips into, with each LED hub being plugged into one of the 2 ports on the CLNP (or CLCP).

So what I am not clear on is how multiple LED strips plug into LED ports. Is it strictly 1 strip per port or can you plug strips together end to end to a maximum of 4 strips per port? Sorry if I am being dense.

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