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Originally Posted by jonnyguru View Post
Guys... it was a conscious decision to only report one temperature from the PSU.

The PSU does measure multiple temperatures from multiple points within the PSU, but that is for the PSU to know! Not the user!

We found that with reporting multiple temperatures, many users would freak out on the really high ones, wonder why the fan still wasn't spinning when one reading was higher than the other, etc. So it was determined that the temp probe that reports the "ambient temperature" of the inside of the PSU housing would be the best to report.
I'm calling BS on this. Was going to avoid this but since Mr. "JonnyGuru" decided to, for all intents and purposes, call the user a fool time to roast him.

You might want to apologize to the people you just insulted there. For someone who has Guru in the name you seem to have very little respect when you word it like that. And who bloody goes after ambient temp? I can get the inside of something cold as can be and still generate more heat per component than what is reported. Personally I don't care about temps as they aren't a problem for me but fact is you can get an ambient reading while the rest of the components are on the verge of melting.

So how about this, instead of wording things in such a way that you insult people and their intelligence, and I say this based off several things you, Mr. "Guru", have posted here. But I do thank you at the same time because it shows just what some people at Corsair think of the people PAYING THEIR SALARY.

The best thing you can do is walk into HR and tell them you screwed up and need to have your wrist slapped. Then not be so pretentious and not treat people like idiots.
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