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I just found a Pro model on special for $149 (CW-9060032-WW). Normal retail price is typically $209. The platinum version is $229 - $249.

The one I have is the CW-9060027-WW (The non pro).

The misunderstanding we had last time was that the Pro was the RGB with the colored fans with really bad performance. And I'm just not into bling and flash. Especially not at the expense of performance.
I since see that there are now two Pro models (9060032 and 9060038).

I have fixed this one with some pliers. The constant plugging and unplugging must have pushed the pins far enough out to create a poor connection. I've pulled the pins through the 4 pin connector and using some force when reconnecting the fans managed to get a solid connection.

I'm going to go get the Pro one per your advice, and sell this one while it still works. I might not get much for it, but it's better than the RMA process.

I'm flattered that you're keeping track of how many issues I've had with these coolers :)

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