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In no particular order
No, the splitter is permanent.

I have two fan headers free.

I understand re iCue, and I did use it as a diagnostic tool. One day I'm going to have to switch, but I'm hoping that will be far off and the bugs fixed before then. It's really annoying listening to the device connect/disconnect sound every 10 minutes or so. It also results in a fan blast every cold boot and restart. I think I documented the bugs on another post, none of which seem to have been fixed yet, but I think the post was only a month ago.

I'm usually careful, but that doesn't mean accidents don't happen. It's getting late now, so I'll pick this up again in the morning. I'll check out the wires with a magnifying glass and see if I can see any damage.

I don't remember our previous conversations, and I'm not going to go over past posts. I do recall being really grumpy that I've had so many of these coolers fail on me. They are usually rattling pumps though.

Of course, another option is buy another cooler. It will cost me $120 to send this one back if replacing it solves the problem, which I'm obviously not going to do. A new one is $160. Almost as much to send one back as to buy a new one.

Ughh! I don't need to buy a new cooler to prove this one is faulty... I have 10 Corsair coolers. I can grab one of the 240mm coolers and test on this PC. That should be enough to prove if this one is faulty, yes?

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