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iCUE is the merger of two programs, so it's not surprising it has more processes. It also needed to make some changes to be more compatible with newer hardware that required them. However, I won't push that and it was intended as a diagnostic tool rather than persuasion to switch. It doesn't make a difference, so we can move off that anyway.

So it does not seem like software. The usual "bad fan wire/connector" does not seem to be in play. That would seem to bring us back around to #2 and this may be a hardware issue. The best guess I have is something happened to the Tach wire on PWM fan controller wire for the H115i. The 12v, ground, and PWM wire are still doing their thing and the fan moves and changes speed, but that speed is not being reported along the Tach wire. I am certainly open to other opinions, but that is the best guess I have based on the above. Probably not what you wanted to hear and I remember our previous discussion about the H115i.

One potential short term fix is to move the fans over to any empty headers on the Commander Pro. From there, you can still establish a connection to the device and your curves will run from coolant temperature. The downside is if Link is not running (or during boot/wake), the fans won't be able to read the data and that usually results in a short term fan blast. There is a workaround for this as well and one I used to run when on Link. Take one of the temp probes from the C-Pro where you have connected the fans and run it to the exhaust side of the H115i radiator. Your exhaust air temp will be just about the same as coolant temp, usually at a consistent -1 to -2 offset. This will allow you effective "coolant temp" based control but it will also maintain constant contact since the temp probe data is native to the Commander Pro.

If your C-Pro is full up on fans, it is likely you can double up (never triple) on one of the headers and we can run through a total current assessment to make sure you're OK on the total and per header (1.0A) max.

** I cannot remember if the H115i "splitter" can be disconnected or is permanent. If it can be swapped out, then I think Corsair will send you a new one through the Support Ticket System. I would still consider the C-Pro control option in the interim.

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