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Originally Posted by kidroc View Post
Hey man are you overclocked by chance?? i have seen a lot of crazy usb problems when overclocking and it;s not quite stable..
I am overclocked currently. I suppose it could be messing it up, but why does it work when I reset the node? If it is the overclocking, I would just live with it since I prefer being OC'ed. The lights don't even turn back on anymore when I restart a second time before logging in, as I described in my original post, so something has changed somehow. The only way to make the node activate now, if I shut down, is to disconnect the USB and power cable from the node then re-plug them back in. This turns the node back on without fail so far, as if nothing had changed. I have just been leaving my computer on all the time now so I don't have to deal with all this crap. The weird part is that I have no problem putting my PC through a restart and logging in. The fan lights stay on while going through a restart, with what I can only describe as the "standby" lighting pattern, which consists of each fan being lit up one by one with the "color wave" lighting pattern. Once I log in, the color pattern goes back to the settings I have set up. It is only when I actually shut down the machine that things just go to ****.

If anyone knows why there is this discrepancy between shutting down and restarting, please let me know. I've given up trying to solve this issue but I'm always up for suggestions. I'm still pretty bummed that there is no solution to this problem.
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