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Originally Posted by Cabos View Post
so, the icue software when it did take control over the water coolers randomly put their settings back to quiet... the fix for that was to arrange the list so the speed you wanted was at the top.... but that never worked for me because i have my fans on balanced and pump on extreme and only one setting option can be at the top.... why not test the product properly before releasing it?

Now there as been the icue update and removed the support for water coolers, CL4 doesn't even pick up that the cooler is connected. why not test the product properly before reverting it?

So, who do i go to when the shocking customer support from corsair and their shoddy software overheats and damages my PC?
The Profile you want should be on top. Not the settings in the performance tab. The first profile in the list is what is applied when iCue starts. It has nothing to do with the order that the settings are applied in the Performance tab.

And what support for water coolers was removed from iCue? Where are you getting this? Considering that I have 4 Corsair AIO coolers running in different systems and they are all supported in iCue ... I've gotta say that this statement isn't accurate.
Please click "Edit System Specs" and fill out your system info.

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