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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Ouch. No ML-RGB fans. A bit surprising since it is a relatively simple LED pattern and I would think I identical to the SP-RGB functionality. You might be able to use the label them as SP. I know I can get most of the effects on HD with some cool unintended ones on the old Link.
ML RGB fans should be supported with the next major update to iCUE.

Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
No ... the SP fans are different. You can, however, label them as HD Fans. 3x ML Fans == 1x HD Fan. You could do this in Link as well ... it does make for some better effect, IMHO.

I actually have my 6 ML-RGB fans configured as 2 HD-RGB fans. :)
As DevBiker said, you can fake it for now by treating the ML fans as HD fans in the Lighting Setup panel for your LNP/CLCP.