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Default Questions Regarding H100i & Corsair LL Fans

Hello all, I am excited to say I recently ordered an h100i v2 and a 3 pack of the beautiful 120mm Corsair LL Fans. I intend on using these in my masterbox lite 3.1 mATX case with my z370-G motherboard and had some questions regarding the optimal way to configure the fans.

To begin, I'm curious to know if it is acceptable to place the radiator fans "outside", on the front under the plastic shroud but outside the metal frame, and the radiator on the other side of the frame. Does anyone know if this will or could damage the radiator from being mounted to metal, and if so, if there is any way to prevent that from happening?

The next idea I had was to run the radiator in PUSH/PULL using the stock h100i fans on the inside of the case. Is it a problem that these fans are different models and are being used in push/pull? How should I wire all the fans up so their speeds work properly?

Finally I was curious as to how I can connect my H100i v2 and my node pro that is included with my 3 fan pack with only one free internal usb2 connector.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate any suggestions or advice on this matter, also if anyone at all can find a case at a reasonable price that has a clear front and is mATX I'm happy to consider ditching my masterbox :p.
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