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The 280mm radiator is always going to quieter than the 240. 120mm fans typically have a buzzier sound profile and more speed will be needed compared to 140mm x 2. I have the prior H110. Even on a 6 core at 4.4Ghz, there is no need to run the fans higher than 600 for anything other than a full stress test. I would even recommend that older H110 for a quiet set up with its comparatively lower 1500 rpm pump speed, but it's now out of production and the price has gone up considerably. Don't get too hung up on static pressure. You have to consider it in relation to airflow to try and predict a theoretical airflow on a radiator --- and that is always going to be a guess. Anything over 1.4mm of H20 @1000 is going to be decent. It's also RPM dependent so you need do some rough equalization between models with differing limits.

I am going to recommend against using the PK-2's on a radiator. I used 3 of them last month for case fans. Nice look, relatively quiet, but a slightly below average airflow meant more speed was needed and nullified any noise advantage compared to some other premium models. Regardless, it isn't a very good radiator fan. The blades are flexible, thin plastic and you tend to get a lot of deflection (and noise) against a radiator. Combine that with slightly below average performance in free air and I think it would be a bit lacking on the radiator.

Bionic E-loops are funny little creatures. It's an interesting design, but they can be very buzzy with any kind of interference on the inlet side of the fan. Not good with fan filters or grills. Performance wise they can be good, but it's very limited in it's application. I think I went three builds before I finally found an occasional use for my 3x120 in this set-up. There is now 140mm e-loop, but doesn't seem to have found it's way from Europe to N. America yet. It's a slightly different design, so I don't want to speculate on its performance.

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