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Pictures of Pump Prototype #4!

If you've been following, you've seen this render of a pump mount that I put together in Sketchup.....

As previously mentioned, the online 3d printers wanted north of $500 bucks to print this. I found an acquaintance that has access to a 3d printer through a club he participates in at work. The actual material cost ended up being $1 and they charge non-members an additional $10 for each print. So, I paid $11 to have my quick sketchup model printed in black PLA. We used a 50% fill rate for this one. The print took about 16 hours.

The material you see in the middle of the holes, and underneath the some of the just support material. The printer can't print on top of if you have an overhang that is greater than about 45 degrees or prints support material underneath it. This material is then removed after the print is complete.

All the support material came off pretty easy. I could poke out the stuff in the large holes. Used an exacto knife on the stuff in the small holes and the letters. I got a little aggessive on the "T" in the letters. I had thrown that label on the pump stand in the last minute before sending it....just because I wanted to see what it looked like. I only had a smidgen of the T actually touching the base of the pump it wasn't strong enough to withstand my aggressive removal of the support material. :o I glued it back a funny angle....because there simply wasn't room for it to have much contact.

While I was messing with the letters.....why not throw some pink paint on them? Right?

I truly am amazed at the precision of these consumer grade 3d printers. I didn't really know what to expect....but it printed exactly what I designed. It has some heft to it also. Base is very flat and strong. The vertical mount doesn't flex at all on it's own...but you can bend it a little bit if you try.

Let's put the pumps in the stand and see if it holds them.....

I guess I got the measurements right! It actually stands on it's own without being bolted down. There is enough of a base where it is self supporting. However, I would definitely bolt it to the midplate for the final installation.

The pump stand has some rough spots where the finish isn't as smooth as it could be....but even with those spots....this looks so much more professional than any of my other prototypes. This is by far my favorite, and I will definitely go this direction. I will however need a few tweaks for the final design. I'll print another one within a week or so.....

Here it is in the case!

Now...for the next, and final, version....I need to make these changes:

1) Make the vertical plate just a tad thicker. This one was 1/4 inch thick. I think I'll go 3/8 inch thick for the final.
2) Need another millimeter or two space between the pump tops. There is barely enough space for a stop fitting between them right now.
3) Use a different font for the "The PPPP" lettering. This was too thin. Don't like how it looks....but I do like the customizaton.
4) Tweak the base so that there is even more support for vertical plate, and at different levels on the front and back. I can have the supports on the back side of the vertical plate come up higher than I can on the front. I'll take advantage of that for the next version.
5) I'm going to add an extension arm off the top of this that I will use to mount the reservoir.

I LOVE THIS TECHNOLOGY!!!!! I'll definitely be starting that thread about a 3d print club. I'm very serious about that. I've already got a long list of things in my mind that I could 3d print for this build and for others. Modder's dream. Look for that thread soon....I'll post a link to it in this thread.

Let me know if you have any ideas for the final version of the pump stand. I'll be working at designing it this week.
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