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Originally Posted by dills View Post
I have 9 LL120 fans (three 3x packs), 3 of those being attached to the radiator for my H150i Pro. I also have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs and a Commander Pro. The 6 fans that aren't attached to the AIO are all plugged into the same RGB Hub, and the 3 AIO fans are plugged into the other RGB Hub, with both Hubs being plugged into the Commander Pro. The problem is that the hub with the 6 fans works perfectly fine and lights up while the hub with the 3 AIO fans doesn't. The fans still run, just with no RGB lighting.

I did notice that the 2 cables connecting the hubs to the CoPro were slightly different. They both look like 3-pin cables, but the cable for the working hub has 3 wires while the non-working cable only has 2, and one of the pins is sort of hollowed out. I found another cable that matches the non-working cable, but I can't find another cable that matches the working one.

I'm not sure if I need to get another cable somehow or if I'm just doing something wrong. Was my CoPro or fan packs supposed to come with an extra LED cable, or am I just not plugging in the fans properly?

Thank you in advance!
Hi Bud

the 3 pin/2 core cable between the hubs and Commander Pro is the correct cable..

did you go into icue and add the fans to the corrects lighting channel and did you also apply effects to the LED's?

always worth the read.....
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