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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Well, I had a long detailed response for each of you, which the forum vanquished it on submit with 500 service error. Now that is a glitch.

There are three people in this thread all with separate problems.

Munixed - Hopefully you did you due diligence on the fan swap and testing. Most people that have a lighting glitch, problem, corruption, etc. do not lose lighting in a serial fashion. You get unexpected colors and/or changes on top of your lighting, like described in the post above. My suggestion for you is to take the C:User/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming/Corsair folder and copy it to the desktop. Those are all your lighting and settings. Uninstall iCUE, delete the settings, reinstall. Do not move the App Data folder back yet. Create a new profile and see if the lighting elements are still chopped off at the same point. You could also try using instant lighting right now to see if it turns everything on.

When you "revert back the previous version of Windows", you are doing a system restore. Any corruption that occurred during the Windows install goes away with it. It does not mean iCUE is incompatible and obviously quite a few people are using 1903, iCUE, and LL fans. This is why I prefer to back up and uninstall critical drivers before doing one of these major bi-annual updates, but that is your choice. People on the Fast Ring have been on newer versions of Windows for months with older versions of iCUE. They didn't lose their fan lighting.

sym30I1c - Turn off the SDK in the iCUE app settings and see if that changes things. Also, can you be more specific? Is it all games? One particular game? Do you see it when at the desktop?

Daniel P - No matter what the software is doing, you can't overheat to the point of shutdown without a physical problem or high load. The software can be uninstalled and the cooler settings locked to the lowest level and you still won't hit thermal shutdown unless you are running a crazy high voltage that puts you in the same position the rest of the time. While Windows can be secretive, it does tell you how much CPU load is in use. Open your task manager and find out what is going on.
Thanks so much for your detailed response.

I've tried everything:
  • re-installed all drivers to do with Corsair
  • tested each fan by itself on each port of the node pro (single fan setup works fine on each port)
  • re-installed iCue and setup a new profile
  • Corsair Link has the same issue

Here's a video of the fans:

Any more suggestions?

EDIT: I think I may have figured out whats happening, I set all the fans that are supposed to be there to static except for fan 6 which is rainbow. Fan 1 is fine, but fan 2 has the colour flickering in the top right like the video, which I think is the supposed to be the last fan. This surely has to be a software issue not recognising all the fans...

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