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Thanks for the reply.

I was a bit brief in explaining the issue. To be clear, I don't know for a fact that the Corsair software is to blame. But I've diagnosed a lot of problems with my PC in the past and I normally spot an issue.

The PC was resetting and shutting down after about two minutes of operation, sometimes less. The reset was consistent, and did not seem to be caused by any particular software operation or hardware peripheral as I had unplugged unnecessary stuff to diagnose the issue.

When the PC resets like that its almost always the CPU overheating. At least, that was my first assumption. I've seen CPU overheats in the past and know the symptoms.

Knowing that I can check the CPU temps in the Corsair software I loaded it up. I know what temps I should be getting - I'm one of those people who memorise operating parameters so I can diagnose things when they go wrong. The temps were very high - about 10 degrees higher than normal and creeping up. It doesn't really matter what the actual temp was because it will be different for everyone's machine, but for mine they were running high. Off the top of my head I was pushing above 80 degrees on the CPU and the coolant was in the high thirties.

I know my motherboard is not happy with my CPU cooler. I run an ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO. This is one of those boards that likes to operate the water-cooling for the CPU itself in its BIOS. Unfortunately, as the CPU is USB powered and not seen as a regular water-cooler, the board sees it as a fan. While the motherboard controls the fans on my PC using its own software the Corsair software overrides it in relation to the water cooler. This is an uneasy setup at best. This may have something to do with the 1903 update issue, or it may not.

Either way, rolling back the 1903 update to an earlier version of 1903 fixed the issue. The CPU temperatures went back to normal and the resets stopped happening. Now, it could be something entirely different - but if it is it does seem to inflate CPU core temperatures in a way that is likely to have some connection with the water cooler. And I'm used to running CPU intensive games so the notion that some background task would be pushing the CPU into meltdown is also unlikely.

I use an i7, 16GB RAM, Asus Maximus X Hero board.

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