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Originally Posted by Vipers View Post
Hi I need help

I have 1000D and I'm going to have 8 fans in front +4 that's in push pull. 2 in the back all fans are LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light- And 4 Corsair light strips and Corsair Comander and Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub how many?

How do I connect everything, so I get all RGB in the right order?

Thank you

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It is a little bit hard to following. So exactly how many LL-120 fans are you going to have total, 14?

Hierarchy view example:

Commander Pro
--6x LL-120 Fans
--6x LL-120 Fans
-USB1: Lighting Node Pro1
--LED1: 4xStrips
---2x LL-120 Fans

It should look like this. As Corsair has it you can only fit 6xFans/Hub and 1 HUB per LED Channel. In the above example and assuming you are buying 3 packs of LL-120s you can the above 14xLL-120 fans and 4x strips. This can be expanded or shrunk as needed.
RGB 101 Video: General overview on RGB
Zotty's Corsair Guide: RGB FAQ and Sample Diagrams

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