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Yeah, I have the same issue on my 740 for 7/9 fan set ups. Assuming your “H100i” is not a Platinum with its own lighting controller for 2 fans, you will need to use 2 RGB lighting hubs, each with their own SATA power line — don’t combine these on double/triple SATA splitter. How you split the fans up between the two controllers is up to you, but this will be two lighting channels and thus each needs to be programmed. I have put the top 6 on Ch 1 and bottom fans on Ch 2 as well as more equal 4+4 or 4+5 splits. It does have some effect on sequential lighting effects since there are two channels. This is something that can be changed after you are set up, but I would keep the the two hubs near each other to facilitate that.

There also are rgb splitters out there, but that would cause two sets of two fans to act as one with a simultaneous lighting (both bottom fans do the same effect, same moment in time. top fans too). It’s ok with static or simultaneous patterns, but waves, ripples, and sequential effects will be odd. I also think 8 is pushing the current load a bit far if these are LL fans.
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