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Oops Noob Radiator Inlet + Outlet + Help Planning

Hi there!

I am about to start piecing everything together, and am planning my tube runs, etc.

In looking through the available manuals, Cant find one for the XR5 420, or Any XR5 size that would allude to which ports are in and out on the rad?

I am mounting this up top on a Thermaltake view 71, with a push pull config exhausting from the top.

I am using soft tubing the first go around, until I can get GPU Blocks from corsair for my 2080.

Can anyone take a look at this and see if I am getting the correct setup going? I want it to look as Aesthetically pleasing as possible, but this is my first water-loop that isn't an AIO so any help would be appreciated.

Below is a layout of what im thinking of doing.

Light Blue = Perceived outlet (unsure if radiator is right)
Red = Inlet
Orange = Soft tubing
Green = Drain Ball Valve with Male to Male adapter (The port is technically an inlet, but I think it can be used as a drain? Uncertain)

If there is a black X, it means i don't plan on using that port.

I want my flow to go something like this :
Pump to Rad
Rad to CPU Block
CPU Block to Pump top outlet if possible.

Now the line going from the Pump to the rad, Im curious if I can maybe droop this a bit for some better looks? I will have a vertical GPU so i don't need that much.
I'm also considering flipping the CPU block internally so i can swap the inlet and outlet.

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