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I don't know the policy for a link like that, so I've PM'd you the link for the one I used.

Since you're on a Mac, you'll need to run it from a Linux environment. So grab yourself a LiveCD. Something like should do the trick. Put that on a disk or flash drive and boot it.

Now you want to be able to access the firmware updater + firmware from within the LiveCD. You can download it while you're running the LiveCD, or copy it over by other means (another USB key or similar). I would guess LiveCDs should be able to read your Mac's filesystem directly, but I haven't looked into that.

Whatever way you choose, get the updater where you can access it. If you downloaded the 32bit LiveCD, then you'll want to use the 32bit updater. Similarly for 64bit if that's the one you grabbed.

Make it executable, either using the GUI (look under Properties -> Executable) or the CLI command:
chmod +x "BLEEP SSDNow SF Updater L_##Bit"
And run it.

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