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Default Follow up

Hey there !

@mactalla: Thanks for heads up; you saved me alot of hassles; I was hesitating between buying a Windows license or giving up a perfectly good drive.

Sorry for the post redundancy, but I was hesitating at first and figured that some people would be a tad more confident hearing it in stereo.

So :

Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on ASUS P8Z77-V PRO. I build a few of these system but only one with a SSD (a treat to myself !) on which I had random system freezes on a daily baisis (while the others did not). Flashed my Force 3 GT from 1.3.3 to 5.03 and it never happened again (roughly two weeks now, on a busy system running 24/7).

The "LiveCD" solutions work, and then there are a few who just ship the SandForce tool to run it on your own OS... it's the same tool... I would suggest not bothering with the LiveCD.

For those who still hesitate, let me add that the tool shipped for every sandforce drive is exactly the same let it be for a bit of branding; you can follow up with Corsair's HOWTO pdf (see Yellowbeard's posts). You will, of course, need to grab the firmwares from Corsair...

have fun !
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