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Got it.

It's a dodgy fan splitter cable. If I jiggle it and move it around I can occasionally get the speeds to show. Let it go and it stops. Couldn't get a position that works all the time without me holding it.

This cable is not serviceable.

I plugged the fans into the CPro with a temp sensor on top of the radiator as you suggested, but I cannot get rid of the fan blast, which is quite irritating.

Other than cutting off the splitter cable from another H115i I dumped in January because of a faulty pump, and soldering the cables together, or pulling the pump apart, I'm looking at yet another cooler.

You're right about the RMA. I've had so many Corsair coolers fail it's become a nightmare process. But, I'm more sick of throwing away my money. If there was another brand that had software control with fan controllers like the CPro I'd probably go that way. As there is not (And no, Kraken is not an option because of CAM), I'm locked into Corsair whether I like it or not.

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