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After trying it a few times, it's definitely not reliable.

I'm not sure if this was always the case, but I've noticed that it seems to be more likely to succeed after a quick power cycle. That is, it won't boot when you first power on the machine, but if you quickly flick the PSU switch off/on (so that it actually powers down), and then press the PC's power button right away, it generally boots up successfully.

My motherboard has a debug LED display which makes this easier to observe. In the won't-boot state, the display gets stuck on "00" (not documented in motherboard manual, but "01" is "power on / reset type detection" so presumably it's the state before that) since powering on. If it does boot, the first number I see on the display is "06" ("microcode loading") and it changes rapidly.

I still get the issue where the PC doesn't shutdown properly (PSU immediately turns the PC back on after shutdown).

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