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So I found out the issue:

It took some time to understand the source code of the profiles a little bit so here is what I've found out:

Amount of LEDs.png
I Opened the Water profile with iCUE and copied the lighting for the last two fans to them by myself and then compared the original Water profile with my "new" Water profile. And as you can see here
on the left side (original profile) it stops at this line and on my new profile (right side) it continues up to
So I am pretty sure that the "value#" stands for the individual LEDs of the LL fans.

I took a closer look and it seems like if the fans would be connected to a Commander Pro (I am using one (2) LNPs) it would look like my "new" profile by default:
commander pro.PNG

So I think this is where the mistake happened to the programing guys of Corsair: They forgot to adapt the profiles for fans connected to a LNP and not to a Commander Pro. This might be why the LL fans in Corsair's advertisment Video of the FarCry SDK synced with the others: They used a Commander Pro for their fans, not a Lighting Node Pro.

So how can you fix it. Well, it's not that easy and does not work very well. I just copied the value-source-code of the Commander Pro-fans and replaced the Lighting Node-fan-value-source code with that. If you take a profile like Water.cueprofile it works perfect. But only because the Water profile consists of STATIC and COLOUR WAVE. This can be easily extended to the last 2 fans using my copy+paste-method.
But when it comes to profiles like Menu.cueprofile, where individual LEDs of the fans are adressed, it doesn't work. I tried several ways but eather the 2 last fans went all blue or all red.

So the only really good way is to import every profile to iCUE, change the lighting for fan 5+6, save them and replace the original ones. But this would take hours and it would not be how it should be (example: on the Menu.cueprofile you would have to randomly decide which LED gets which colour because every fan is different and it would not look like someones fans connected to a Commander Pro).

So what is the solution?
In my opinion Corsair should either make a iCUE update with the lighting profiles extended to the last two fans (on a LNP) or Corsair should offer a .zip or .rar with all the profiles fixed so you can replace them by yourself. I don't want to be mean but there are people who payed €200 for a K95 RGB Platinum, €50 for a Scimitar Pro, another €50 for a MM800 and €150 for six LL fans, €50 for a Lighting Node Pro aaand €60 for Far Cry 5 and it might not be that fair for those people who spent so much money that they can't use the Corsair-FarCry-Lighting properly.
So I would be really happy if a guy at Corsair would take some hours (I don't know how long it actually takes) to fix the issue.

@Corsair: please reply to this so I know someone noticed that this issue exists.

But beyond that: I love the lighting integration. Well done <3

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