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Originally Posted by Aliti_308 View Post
Same with me.

Feels like an application loads up during windows startup which terminates the RGB effects, do a possible conflict. Does it still light up when starting your PC in safe mode where most other applications are not started? Thatíll give a hint something is conflicting with it.
On system startup, Your peripherals will be set to the default RGB rainbow effect, or if the device has on board memory, you can save your profile to that. Though i believe the on board storage is the only way to do that without ICUE running. The on board storage can only be changed through ICUE, which should be available as a specific profile. Unfortunately the program has a high impact on startup so you may notice it may take a second for your system to boot and ICUE to fully take over if you are using it. THe onboard profile can make this a lot smoother. As for the St100 it may just be that nothing is set on the lighting profile, or because it does not have on board storage it pretty much means you have to have ICUE running. That or check the cable connection. I've found the cable is very heavy at connection point to the unit and has bent over time, got a new one and was working okay, pop something under if it is being fickle.
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