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Hey, hey!

So 3.22.74 again generated the following error during install - read past it for the fix.

I never did figure out what was causing this to happen since it appeared in 3.21. Reinstalling 3.20 from the .msi file worked so I just stuck with that. When it happened again for 3.22.74 this is what I did to resolve the installation problem.

Navigate to ProgramData\Corsair\CUE\Settings

Backed up the files in \Settings just in case.

Deleted the directory Corsair\ so it was no longer in ProgramData.

Ran the 3.22.74.msi file and encountered no issue.

One of the files in the \Settings directory may not have been able to be removed, written over, or edited but thankfully removing the Corsair directory from ProgramData resolved the error shown above.

This allowed the installation to recreate the Corsair directory and associated files in ProgramData without error.

Happy RBGing!
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