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I know this is a bit dated but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts as I'm getting ready to make a new build and I am a BIG fan of Corsair and unfortunately what I am looking for in a case isn't currently offered...

First, my current build is in a 750D (which I've also built in for family members) and has been a wonderful case all-around. I love the layout, the size, the space, the simple but elegant design, etc.

However, there are three things I feel that it's missing that prevent it from being the "perfect" case:

1) Option for a clean front panel. In my last build I wanted a case where I still had the option of an optical drive, the reality is that I've used it probably 5 times the entire time I've had it and could have just as easily bought an external drive and stuck it in a drawer. For my next case I want something with no drive bays, not even with covers for them. I want it to look clean and the solution here could be an optional add-on, alter the 750D to allow people to purchase a different front panel and remove the 5.25 bays completely.

2) PSU shroud and modular "covers". I'm a big fan of the ability to hide the cables and having a PSU shroud and some additional metal covers for the lower section (to cover a drive bay) would be awesome. I want to make the focus of my build the "good" stuff and I don't want to have to make one. This could also be an "optional" buy, I'll gladly pay extra for it but I want it designed for and made for the case by Corsair and not someone else.

3) Tempered glass panels on the sides. It's tragic that there isn't a top end full tower Corsair case with tempered glass and the 750D is (IMO) the sweet spot for flexibility without going crazy on size. I don't want a case as big as the 900D, but I still want the ability to fit the radiators and water cooling and be able to show it off.

There are competitors with cases that LOOK great and have all these options, but they don't have the build quality, the spaciousness, the flexibility of cooling options, etc. I've looked at all the options and nothing really matches the overall quality of the 750D, and if I could have these things (even as add-ons) I'd jump on it in a heartbeat!
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