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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
That sounds like CPU core temp is the control variable. On the manual graph, there will be a box at the top labeled “source”. This is the temp data the program uses in your curve below. The program defaults to cpu temp because that is only component every pc is guaranteed to have. However, it is a terrible and inappropriate control variable. It changes in milliseconds and has no connection to case ambient temperature at all. The controller has some measure of hysteresis and polls every few seconds. This means your typical Lake processor will keep the fans up almost incessantly. CPU temp is too dynamic to be of any use and will lead to frayed nerves.

You need to pick something else as the source. The two instant fixes are GPU temp and H100i Platinum Temp (coolant temperature). GPU temp is self explanatory and may work for rear exhaust or front intake. The fans on the Platinum’s controller should already be doing this and this allows you to balance the other fans with them. Ultimately the temp probes that came with the Commander Pro are the end game. Those can be used to measure radiator exhaust (same as coolant temp) or the rear exhaust air temp (what that fan is really doing). These also work all the time and without the software running, so no blast on boot. They can also be used for general information (case ambient temp, intake air temp, etc). You will need to adjust your data points depending on what you pick. Coolant temp and GPU temp have vastly different ranges.
Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I have changed the sensor from my CPU to my GPU and the custom curve now works as intended so I think you solved it!
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