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1) Absolutely. I'll turn this on tonight and play around and get back to you. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of how to turn that on? I don't recall seeing a logging option inside the UI. I'll check the FAQ later tonight though if it's common knowledge.

2) Define monitoring please. I do have Razer Synapse going and it does do heatmaps for mouse movements. If you mean purely monitoring computer hardware components then no I don't. I'll double check to make sure though.

One thing to note. In my original post I was so confident that "10 minutes" later it would happen again and stop reporting. After posting I went and watched some TV for an hour before going to bed, and I left my comp running to see and it had not frozen.

It freezes very consistently while playing games though. I can confirm this freezing in PUBG, Rocket League and Stellaris so I don't think it's games related. It's most noticeable with Rocket League since the games are so short I remember to check more often.
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