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First off, you won't be disappointed by going with a full Corsair setup since they will all work with our ecosystem for full lighting control and monitoring.

1) All Void Pro headsets use the same drivers in the earcups, and provide the same sound quality, even over wireless.

2) The batteries should last at least 2 years for the full length of the warranty. Should you experience severe degradation during the warranty period, you can have the headset replaced through our RMA process.

3) For those extended gaming sessions that the battery drains completely, it can be used and charged at the same time. All audio is sent through the dongle, and the cable only charges the headset.

4) Everyone's charging habits are different. I usually drain mine fully every few charges, then charge uninterrupted overnight. They can be left charging without any issues.

5) We have received similar feedback from other users, and will look into this for future releases. The Void Pro model does feature an improved mic over the last generation, and has received a lot of positive feedback.

Battery life and longevity can vary, but not by much. The headset should last well past the length of the warranty period. And if something happens within the 2-years, we can work with you through the RMA process to have the headset replaced.
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