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Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
I really thought this issue has been long resolved after weeks of not seeing any reports on the forums and ticket inquiries. I'll talk to CorsairJames about this and we'll revisit the case and see whats triggering this behavior.

@Majkel0608, Does it only happen when you're gaming? what about when you're running other applications?

Greybeard, yea after looking at when this thread has started i would assume it would have been fixed by now.

At first i thought it was an issue with my graphics card so i decided to stress test it however after 20 minutes i gave up as it was completely stable.

Its difficult to answer your question as it happens completely random. It happens primarily in game (windowed mode). After dying twice decided to look more in depth into it, where i stumbled accross this thread.

Running Cue 2 now so hopefully it doesnt cause any more problems!
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