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Default EU warranty on Hydro series with resellers, specifically Amazon

Hi there
New here as I haven't really had any probs but... It seems like a lot of people here have the same problem as me. H115i isn't cooling!
Idle temps are 50-60c and on about 20% load in will shoot straight for the 100c mark. Any stress test can only be done for less than 10 seconds before it hits 100c. One of the tubes is hot while the other one and the rad seem cold to touch. h115i Temp on Link is around the mid 40c's when the package temp is mid 50c'ss. Nothing is overclocked, as although that was my intention, I have never been able to get good temps but always blamed the CPU as a lottery looser... but maybe I was wrong. Anyway the AIO is coming up to it's 2 years birthday (I don't think it'll make it) and corsair warranty states "Hydro Series products have a 5-year warranty" but "Special Warranty Period in the European Union:
In the European Union, the minimum warranty period provided by resellers is 2 years" I'm in the UK and I'm in the E.U for about 3 more days (Brexit) so where does that leave me...? (Except on an island of dissenters)
I do have a ticket number if that means anything
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