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The consensus is the Vengeance LPX does not have the temp sensor embedded. Programs like HWiNFO and AIDA are usually really good about picking up ALL the data, even when the manufacturer doesn't show it on their own (hello Asus). So if those program don't show it, I don't think it's there. My Vengeance LPX DD4 kit does not show them either, but I thought it might be because they were a first generation run of the assembly line when DDR4 launched.

Back to the decision at hand, I don't see any issues with running 1.44v daily. I am running 1.40 and my temps are barely more than the my motherboard surface temp. The only time I have seen anyone get into temp trouble on the RAM for DDR4 is when running in a really poor environment --- a combination of high work load plus NO air circulation at all. They have no top fans. They have no front fans. Your case is not exactly open mesh, but if you are running the fans at moderate levels when under load, I can't see you getting into trouble.
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