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Question H115i not pumping? (First time builder)


So Iím hoping you can help me with an issue Iím having with the H115i.

Iíve been troubleshooting this for ages and am having no luck. From what I can tell Iíve followed the user manual as closely as I know how.
I'm now not sure if it's a setup problem or a broken component.

Iím at the point where the fans turn on (at what seems like 100%) and the light on the water pump shows up.

However, when I boot the system (into BIOS) the fans are going crazy and the CPU temp rises rapidly. It will shoot up to 75C in a couple of minutes. I turn it off before letting it go any further.

Iíve changed the thermal compound three times and have been really careful to check that the cooler is seated properly.
From what I can tell the pump doesnít seem to be pumping anything. I might be wrong, but it would explain the spike in CPU temp given the fact that the fans are going.

I have tried plugging the smaller cable which comes off the pump into the CPU_FAN header as well as a case header and in both cases I get a result of N/A in the BIOS. When I plug one of my case fans into either of these slots I get an RPM reading in return.

Full disclosure, Iím a first time builder so there is a good chance that Iím doing something wrong.

Hereís a video showing how I have set it up. Iím using the ASUS Maximus X Hero motherboard.

I also threw together this diagram to show where I have the cables plugged in:

If anyone could help, I would be really appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

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