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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
They did some support shake up last week and it doesn't appear like things are back up to speed yet. Stop running stress tests. We know the cooler is crippled. You might be able to get away with some usage if you don't go too long and too hard and keep the clocks at the stock settings. The coolant temperature is the effective minimum CPU temperature. So as the coolant rises toward 50C, that shifts your end CPU temps up by the same 15-20C. Reducing the Vcore along with a lower CPU frequency will reduce the CPU add on temperature above the coolant temp. A high overclock might run 40-50C above the coolant temperature. Stock clocks might only be 15-20C depending on CPU.

Even if they respond to your ticket today, there will be shipping time back and forth plus the usual stuff. You are likely looking at two weeks in this condition. If you are unable to continue, then you may need to find an alternate cooling method - either temporary or permanent.
Yeah so, this is not looking great. They haven't responded me yet and the cooler is ripping off. I am going to vacation for 2 weeks so lets see what happens.
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