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Originally Posted by Dweezil View Post
Anyone using a H150i on an overclocked i9-9900K? How well does the cooler perform. It it a viable option for this chip? I'm in the middle of buying parts for a new build and have had good luck with the H150i on 8700k builds in the past but the 9900k looks like it will run quite a bit hotter. I'm worried the H150i may not be enough.

Thoughts and input appreciated.
Hi dweezil. Awesome name btw - your last name Zappa? 😁

I've the h150i cooler on a 9900k and running a oc of 5ghz @ 1.31v. Atm my config is to blow air from inside case through the rad out the top of case. Running xtu stress test overnight and temps never exceed 65c. But if I run prime 95 which tests avx on cpu then temps hit 100c. But I've used an avx offset of -2 to compensate.
I've ordered an extra 3 ml120mm fans to sandwich the rad between them and original 3 ml fans so I can run a push/pull with drawing air in from the top of case this time, and I'm hoping that will help the temps for avx a bit. Fans arrive on Friday so won't know till then if they make a big difference
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