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Default How do you clean the acrylic panel of your Carbide?

Hi guys, just I'd like to tell you I'm not from USA and UK, so don't kill me for my quite bad English

Now let's start with my problem. I am a PC builder, so I build 5-6 PCs every day, using chassis from different manufacturers, like Corsair, Cooler Master, NZXT.

I always used normal alcool (this) to clean the side panel. I used it on more than 40-50 chassis last year, never had any problems.

Ok, now the funny part... Yesterday I was building a PC based on an Obsidian 450D. When I was going to put the side panel back on the case I accidentaly touched its acrylic window and my fingertips just sticked to it

"It's not a problem" i tought... I took my bottle of alcool (the same I always used from the same factory) and I started cleaning:

I cleaned some side panels, some from CM Storm, NZXT and one frome a Vengeance C70. Then I started cleaning the 450D window and... kaboom...

Yes, the window just melted and i must replace it with a now one...

Now, i can't think that Corsair uses worse materials than a no brand 40 dollars case or than other famous brands... I think it can be a factory defect.

How do you clean it? Have you ever had the same problem? Is this a factory defect of my part?

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