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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
The limit was raised to 96 to support the new LL fans (6x16), but the limits were in place in the firmware for a reason.
Hi Dustin.

So is there still no fix to the flickering issue with the Commander Mini two years after the issue was raised?

Also I bought my Commander Mini about a year ago and I always assumed the flickering was due to cheap third party LED's I was using. So, earlier today, before I saw the issue being reported here on this forum I went onto the Corsair Store UK and bought the official 2x LED strips with extensions from the store, thinking that would resolve the issue.

Right after making the order I received an email stating that my order was "on hold, pending further review". And that in order to proceed with the order I need to call a web store representative in the US.

Don't you agree that it is a bit ridiculous that a customer has to jump through hoops and make an international call to the US from Europe just to make an order from an online store in Europe?

I spoke to a live chat agent earlier and they did not provide any help. They just kept telling me to call the number, no reason as to why I must call the number, just that I had to call it. The agent provided no further assistance. I asked the agent if I could cancel the order because I didn't want to make an international call and they told me in order to cancel I need to call the number...

I understand that you can call the number for free via Skype. But a customer shouldn't have to jump through even more hoops and install 3rd party software and create an account for that software just to contact a web store to make an order.

I have created a ticket raising the issue and if they say it cannot be resolved without calling that number then I will be requesting for them to cancel the order. If they then tell me that I have to call the number in order to cancel then I will raise the issue with Paypal's resolution team.

My first Corsair product was a H100 I bought in 2011 for my first PC. I've bought a good few Corsair products since then, and was always led to believe that Corsair was a reputable manufacturer. But today I started to think back to that H100 and I realised that I've actually had problems with every single Corsair product I have ever bought bar a HX1000w PSU and my current 400C case. Everything else, from my M65 mouse with a broken middle button, to the H100 that had to be replaced by a H100i due to pump issues, which in turn had to be replaced by a H100i V2 also due to pump issues, to failing PSU's, has had problems.

And after all that I learn from here that the flickering is due to Corsair not bothering to fix the firmware in the Commander Mini, and the LED strips that I ordered aren't even going to fix the problem anyway.

I'm building a new PC next month and had been planning on using Corsair parts for that PC, including an RMi750w PSU, Corsair LPX DDR4 RAM and the new RGB fans, but upon looking back on my history with Corsair products, as well as Corsair's lacklustre customer support, I think I'll look to other brands from now on. I'll be making sure to avoid Corsair products in the future and I'll be sharing my experiences with others that I know and recommending that they do the same.

And due to the fact that my H100i v2 is out of warranty (from the original H100 i bought in 2011), I will consider selling it and replacing it with a more reputable brand as I do not trust the product to hold up.
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