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Originally Posted by rickhan View Post
If I want to run 12, then I would need to buy faster memory?
No. It's just that all memory controllers will default to a lower speed when more than one double-ranked module per channel is installed (the maximum recommended or forced speed limit). In fact, I would not recommend buying faster memory because the CPU's on-package memory controller simply could not keep up with the speed increase, and thus would have dropped the speed to well below the rated speed anyway. The Intel memory controller is not truly on the CPU die but is actually on a separate circuit board that's connected to the main CPU die underneath the same heat spreader. Thus, it is an "on-processor-package" controller, not an "on-die" controller like the AMD processors have. Even if you get ultra-fast memory, you'll still need to lower the memory speed to 1333 with all six slots filled in order to get things stable. And actually, with a Socket 1366 platform, even 1333 is considered overclocking. That platform does not officially support memory speeds faster than 1066.
Sorry, but I don't work for Corsair (or any other memory company)! I'm just a computer enthusiast who loves to help out others...

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