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Originally Posted by corsican View Post
can Aida64 read CL info better than CL software itself?

Aida64 shows TWO sensors: Power Supply #1 & Power Supply #2

(PS. interestingly the #1 seems to be always hotter than #2)

But Corsair Link only shows ONE sensor (apparently the one that corresponds to Power Supply #2 in Aida64)

I can understand if CL only picks one sensor to show (the one that matters the most) but here it's not the case because Aida's sensor #1 is obviously the important one

I know cause I launched Prime95 + Furmark: in Aida64 only sensor #1 heated up, sensor #2 stayed the same (so it's a false sensor???)

so is that a bug in CLink if so can it be fixed? I rather use CL than Aida64
I think that this is probably true for a lot of Corsair PSU models. With my HX850i, I just pick the AIDA64 sensor that matches the iCUE sensor temp and ignore the second one.

Not all sensors are useful. For example, Samsung NVMe drives have two temperature sensors!

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