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Originally Posted by sym30l1c View Post
I've been experiencing a very similar issue during the last few days.
I have 6 LL120 fans, 3 white as exhaust at the top, and 3 black as intake at the side.
While playing a game, with both CPU and GPU under load, one of the 3 white fans started exhibiting strange behaviour after a while. One part has the same colour and the effects are not the same as the other fans.
This has happened a few times already and only with this fan. The strange behaviour goes away if I open iCue and re-select the current profile.

I was thinking this might be a defective fan, but your message makes me think this might be a Windows issue, since I've recently updated too.
It's 100% not a problem with the hardware. Mate of mine recently updated to 1903 and was experiencing the exact same issue. He was able to revert back the version and it works fine now. Unfortunately I'm unable to revert back as you have to do it within 10 days...

Hopefully Corsair push out an update soon :/
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