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The prior generation of coolers including your H115i and H100i v2 don't have a great track record when it comes to longevity. I am not sure how to interpret "the rattle". I am assuming pump vibrations, then transmitted to the board which then becomes annoying. There really is just the one OEM for the overwhelming majority of the market and I suspect they like the current business model with little incentive to change or improve production standards. We'll have to see on the gen 6 pumps in the PRO series, but so far it is highly favorable with very few reported failures. You are right about the RMA process. The warranty has greatly diminished value when you wind up paying a king's ransom in shipping. I whine when it's 30% of the unit cost in the US. Obviously your costs are even higher. I would be unlikely to RMA any of the H115i or H100i v2 in your position if all I get back is the same cooler at near full price in shipping expenditures.
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