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It sounds like the fans are revving up and down or you are at stop light getting ready to race. You need to find a way to distinguish between a power loss to the unit (lights blinking, pump speed drop) and the fans doing this on their own.

If it is losing power, check your SATA connection at the pump and power supply unit. However, it sounds rather cyclical and I don't see the lights blinking off in the video, so I am going to proceed on the assumption this is a control issue.

If you have set the fan speed to be CPU temperature dependent, put it back on H115i (water temperature) where it belongs. That alone can cause strange behavior.

Are the fan at the maximum allowed Quiet speed when this happens? Are the fans bouncing against the speed limiter? I can understand why you prefer quiet mode, but put on balanced to see if the issue occurs there too. A custom curve offers the best long term solution, but for now I don't want introduce another factor into this equation. If this is incessant, try setting it to a fixed RPM. 800 rpm is enough for gaming.

What kind of water temperature (H115i Temp) do you normally see when gaming? I can't read the screen in the 2nd video.
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