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You should be fine to use Quiet mode 99% of the time with the possible exception of long, sustained loads. The fans aid in the removal of heat from the water (H80i Temperature or H80i Cooler Temp), but the differences in water temp at high fan speeds are small. During normal variable load usage, you are unlikely to see a meaningful difference. You can also set up a custom curve as a compromise between quiet and performance. You may also notice as the weather warms up (and your room), baseline fan speed will increase. This is because the water temperature has increased as well, regardless of CPU load. Custom curves can be useful for maintaining your current nominal water temperature without unnecessary fan speed.

50C water temp is still safe, but it is about the line where I might want to start making changes or at least taking a hard look at the set-up if you encounter 50C regularly. I can't tell from your information, but if you have gotten close to 50C water temp than you either a) live in the tropics or b) have the H80i mounted in the rear exhaust port on your case; c) you have a 980 Ti. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but your water temperature will take a lot of that heat and boost your idle water temps (and thus fan speed too). Besides a custom curve, another way to deal that issue is to run a fixed fan speed when you know you are going to have a sustained load -- CPU or GPU. Pick a speed you can stand to listen to, then lock it and save it as a preset for easy loading. When mounted in the rear exhaust slot, the cooler has the secondary purpose of removing waste heat from the case. More exhaust is better, but perhaps not at the expense of irritatingly loud fans. The fixed speed keeps a constant rate and I found this was the best solution when running that kind of set up.

I have lost track of the firmware versions for that cooler. Also, the naming of these things has become rather intertwined. We are talking about this H80i and not the more recent GT or V2.
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